Saturday, January 26, 2008

Snow Falls

A look at my world this past week...

What I see when I look out the window next to the computer desk ~


What I see when I walk out the back door to head for the barn ~


That is pasture field and the woods beyond are the Burnham Woods (some of you remember the fall photos of the same woods) What these photos don't show you is the bitterly cold temperatures! Usually when we have this much snow, things warm up a bit. But we have had consistent temperatures in the single digits, often minus when you consider the wind chill.

Now THIS is a winter that I enjoy! I love a real winter like this ;}


Donna B said...


Susie said...

I'm with you, m'dear. So many Michigan people whine about the cold and the snow...I always suggest a move south to them.

Winter tests one's mettle. Sounds like you pass with flying colors...More snow! More cold! It's so beautiful.