Monday, January 21, 2008

Really Lonely Socks

Because I have been knitting lots of samples for things - our sock knit-a-long nights at the yarn shop, as well as samples for an upcoming class on spinning for sock yarn - I find myself with lots of lonely socks (meaning, only one half of a pair - LOL!) This is second sock syndrome taken to the next level. I give you proof below (and by the way, these pictures were taken a week or so ago when we were having unseasonably warm temperatures):

(This is the Railroad Rib Sock Pattern by Evelyn Clark from Fiber Trends, knit in L - Cascade 220, just a little to big for my foot; M - handspun Corriedale and R - started in Meilenweit Inca...that one is now finished by the way)

(The Cascade and the handspun on the feet)

(These are both from handspun. L - my own coffee cup sock pattern, only I call this the toe up, tea cup version, knit from a Hampshire-Mohair blend and R - my Shepherd Sock made from Corriedale)

(This is just a closer shot of the tea cup sock)

So now I am busy working on the second sock to each of these pairs ;) It is almost like getting to knit a new pattern/yarn all over again! I just have the toe to finish on my handspun Railroad Rib sock and just the leg to finish on the tea cup sock. Then I will have some pairs of socks to show for my work in January!

I was going to show a photo of my gathered supplies for my mitten, which I had planned to start today. But that may wait till middle of the week...I am on a sock knitting streak!


Carissa said...

Those socks all look so warm and cozy! I especially like the blue/green shepherds sock!

Donna B said...

The Shepherd's sock is my favorite too! So pretty~

Val said...

I love the shepherd socks! That will be my inspiration when I dye today.