Friday, August 22, 2008

Fun Fiber Swapping

I am part of a really neat fiber swap over at Ravelry. The basic idea is that we all love the notion of being part of one of those fiber of the month clubs where you pay a membership fee then get a new fiber every month...only not everyone can afford this, so we are doing it as a swap - LOL! I am in "Group 3" with three other fun ladies. This month, August, I was to receive fiber from Lynne in Massachusetts. Lynne is sure a talented person when it comes to color, be sure to check out her etsy shop. Anyway, the lovely fiber pictured on the right here is what came in the mail for me this week! Isn't it beautiful? It is rich and deep and vibrant. Lynne had asked and I had expressed an interest in trying a Dorset-Columbia cross wool she had, so that is what this is. I am thinking of using it for my favorite of projects, socks. Shouldn't it work well for that?!? Lynne also included a little kit to make your own knitting needles. Now this just shows what a thoughtful swap pal Lynne is, because I am assuming she realized from reading my posts how many things I do with my grandchildren and with my hands and that I would enjoy making something like this. Thank you, Lynne!

This fiber is the one I received for my July fiber installment. I couldn't wait and had to "test spin" some of this, and let me tell you, it is a dream!!! It came from Lesley, and is hand combed alpaca and bamboo fiber. It is heavenly ~ I wish you could feel this! As soon as I finish with the "for pay" spinning I am doing, I am going to finish this up and then start on a pair of entrelec mittens (my own pattern) for myself with this fiber.

I have a package ready to send on its way to Lynne and need to get to the post office with it, but I wanted to get these pictures posted to thank both of these generous and talented fiber women. By the way, Cyndi is the other member of our group - she and I have much in common.


Celena said...

Gorgeous fiber!

Cyndi said...

September is just around the corner.

I promise the batts I'm sending you are 'different' LOL!