Sunday, August 31, 2008

No More Hum Drum Mittens 3

Yes, another questionnaire - LOL! From the third round of one of my all time favorite swaps, No More Hum Drum Mittens 3. Here goes:

How long have you been knitting & how did you learn?
Since I was 12, about 37 years now ;) I learned when my Granny decided she would like to learn (she also learned to play guitar that year!) and she took me along. We took lessons that were offered at the local school – I was the youngest and she was the oldest in the class! So I always joke that I learned to knit with my grandma, and it is a very special memory for me especially now that her health and memory are failing.
Would you consider your skill level to be beginner, intermediate or advanced?
What are your favorite colors? Any you dislike?
I don’t think I have a favorite, I like them all at various times and places!
Do you like Latvian type patterns? If so, what are your favorite patterns?
I do like admiring Latvian patterns, but I don’t have a favorite one and have never knit one.
Do you desire mittens for yourself, your "special someone else" or your child?
For me please ;)
What is the measurement from your wrist to the tip of your longest finger?
8 inches and I like a fairly long cuff
What is the circumference of your hand at it's widest point?
Around my palm is nearly 8 inches ~ maybe 7 3/4?
What other things do you enjoy knitting?
Socks and lace
What sort of needles do you enjoy working with? (straights vs circs, bamboo vs aluminum)
Circulars – I rarely use straights. I like bamboo, love my Addi turbos, too. But my very favorite needles are my Denise interchangeables. I have wanted to try the Knit Picks new bamboo ones.
What’s one project you’ve not yet tried but are dying to make?
Still thinking about starting and completing a sweater - but that was my goal in the last mitten swap, too ;) I know that I could knit one, I have the skills. But I get bored so easily that I don’t usually take on larger projects. I will one day though.
What’s one yarn you’ve not yet tried but are dying to work with?
The Noro Sock Yarn
What other hobbies do you have? Do you spin? Sew? Garden? Cook?
Yes, I spin. Raise my own sheep for the wool ;) I also am an avid gardener.
Besides yarn, do you collect anything?
Fiber! I’m not sure which “stash” is bigger, fiber or yarn!
What kind of goodies do you enjoy? Sweets? Salty? Anything you hate or are allergic to
Yes….LOL, I mean I just love goodies.Lately, I am on a salty kick though. My very favorite goodies, though, is coffee. I am a coffee junkie. No allergies.
Do you have any kids? Pets?
I have three grown children and my husband and I recently became legal guardians of our foster son – a fifteen year old boy. So we are not empty nesters! Our pets are all of the outdoors variety…approximately thirty sheep; a half dozen chickens and two very special barn cats. No indoors pets though.
What is your favorite part of Winter?
I just plain love winter! I love that there are no bugs and I can use wool (my favorite fiber) to its best advantage.
What is your least favorite part of Winter?
Well, I don’t like driving on bad roads and this year I am worried about the rise in heating costs.

Any other questions, don't hesitate to ask me ;)


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