Friday, September 26, 2008


I recently stumbled across the most delicious and exciting and FUN yarn work (at least I think it is!) here, with Jane Thornley and her breathtaking, earthly, FUN creations! The day I discovered her blog/web page happened to be the week a new knit-a-long was starting up on Ravelry. If you are a ravelry member, you might want to check out the Jane Thornley Group there and definitely check out some of the projects people have made from her free thinking ideas.

I purchased the Feather and Fan booklet and, inspired, started pulling things out of the yarn stash. Along with enhancements from Sip 'n Knit (my local yarn shop), here is just some of what I have concocted so far:

The first photo of these three, the red group, is the one I am starting with (I am in a "red" phase these days - LOL! Maybe it is my recent obsession with everything tomato - see yesterdays post) You might be able to see the little rectangle I knit just to get me started. I have cast on now for the Organic Wrap in these colors. I didn't take photos of the other "groups" of colors I have pulled together - one in pastels; one in blacks and greys and browns and creams; one in earthy peach and aquas and one in some hot and bright magenta, gold, copper and black.

What FUN!!!! Thank you, Jane, for your inspiration ;D I am hooked!

(Another photo, right, of the colors I am presently working with)


Carissa said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I love the color groups, although I'm more drawn to the second and third ones!

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Well, come on Carissa ~ join in the fun ;D

No-More-Humdrum-Mittens Swap partner said...

The reds are gorgeous... totally remind me of fall, so a perfect palette for the season. Good luck with the fun knitting. I'm enjoying the mitts I've started for you, and I'm trying some new techniques. Hopefully these are the best non-humdrum mittens I've yet done!

Theresa said...

Ooh, this is beautiful! I have a cardigan started in the early 90s with a similar type of technique, that has been languishing in a box...hard to find incentive for a wool jacket when there is triple digit heat! LOL I can't wear the colors you are working on but they sure look beautifl. I'm like Carissa colorwise.