Sunday, September 28, 2008

Serene Sunday Scene

Or, my invitation to have you join me here at the blog to watch the changing view of our pasture and woods as the autumn season progresses!

Last week, I showed you a photo taken from this same general vantage point of the beginning color in the woods, looking northeast from the back porch or here in the back yard. I have watched with amazement this week as the color changes and expands almost before our eyes! While Mason and I were outside watching the sheep and the visiting wild turkeys and I was snapping pictures, I thought I might keep track of the change and share it with my blog.

So, here are the next in the "series" and the last of the Sundays in September:

(Including the old grey mares!)

(Sun setting on sheep in the far pasture)

And speaking of fall colors, I saw some gorgeous examples on my trip north yesterday to the Northern Michigan Lamb and Wool Festival in West Branch. What a GREAT time I had, shopping and visiting with friends and traveling with more friends...Hilda and Mary! If you ever have the chance to take this one should ;)


Lona said...

Glad you had fun at the NMLWF! We've only been once, and were pleasantly surprised. We've always wanted to go back--the Farmer wants to take in shearing school one of these years--but it always seems to land on the same weekend as his Fire Department's Pancake Breakfast.

Gorgeous photos! So next we see photos of what you bought at NMLWF?

Pamala Rose said...

What a beautiful view you have.

Theresa said...

Oh beautiful! Your farm is aptly named!