Monday, October 20, 2008

And then there is knitting....

I have been promising my friend Margaret a picture of these finished mittens for a while now, so here they are ~ Elizabeth Zimmerman's Mitered Mittens with adaptations according to Kathryn Ivy's blog:

This next knitting in progress picture is for my friends Mary, Lucy, Maple and Pam to show that I refuse to let any knitting project get the best of is my very own Moebius in the works!

My needles are probably to small and the yarn to thick for this project, but it is what I had on hand and once I got started I didn't want to stop. I think you can see my "twist" at about the 9 o'clock position? The yarn is Corriedale lamb and is very soft, plush and squishy so should feel warm and good next to the neck when finished

I will conclude by saying that I am happy that I did not let the knitting defeat me and to thank you all for your help...but I am still not sold on Moebius - LOL! Give me socks or lace or entrelac any day ;D

Finally, an update picture of my Jane Thornley Feather and Fan Wrap complete with kittens (so here is another shot of the pretty silver kitten along with one of her brothers, checking out the knitting) The colors of this wrap aren't quite so garish and bright in real life, I find them quite warm. There is one ribbon yarn in the mix that I am not that fond of, but will leave it to itself. Someone said that knitting one of these is kind of like eating potato chips (can't stop with just one) and I can see where that might be true...

Of course there is more knitting laying around the house...I have been working consistently on my Wrap Me Up Shawl and still loving that project, it is just so big that it is taking a while. A few pairs of socks and mittens (including one for my No More Hum Drum Mitten 3 partner) that are getting close to being finished. All this knitting, but not much spinning.

Never enough hours, it seems!

Serene Sunday, Football, Kittens

The light continues to change as we progress into fall. This morning while I was doing the chores, this shaft of morning sun against the old barn wall filled me with such peace - I'm not sure why, but it is the Sunday photo I wanted to share with you all.

I didn't get any good photos of our usual woods and pasture scene this week, but I did take this one of an empty hay wagon over by the Burnham woods. It struck me in the same way the first photo did...a quietness and stillness; waiting for winter to come. I hope you like it ~ and it does have some fall foliage!

I almost missed our question of the week for Falling For Ewe over at Ravelry. The question was "Do you like football? Who is your favorite team?" I do like football, but mostly my favorite to watch is our high school teams.

Finally, kittens. Any of you who live on a farm, especially if you are on a fairly remote road, know what it means to be a drop off post to those irresponsible and delusional people who think it is a good idea and perfectly acceptable to "drop off" unwanted cats, kittens, dogs and pups. Most often it is a pregnant female, but often it is a batch of kittens. I'm sure none of those folks read my blog, so I won't rant to much here - except to ask what exactly do they think happens to these poor animals? If they don't get hit by a car in their confusion of looking for a home, they are likely to get mangled by a resident dog or the farm cat who already lives here. It is usually not a pretty ending and it makes me both sad and angry. We can't keep them all, we have our cats to care for (spayed females, thank you very much) And for those of who raise sheep, having kittens dropped off can be dangerous, as kittens can carry and spread a disease called "toxoplasmosis" that can cause abortion and birth defects.

Well, this week we were the recipients of three half grown kittens. Beautiful, lovely kittens who have obviously been raised in a home and with children, because we are spending our days tripping over them and trying to keep them out of the house. They love the grandkids and are so sweet and loving. I have been trying to keep Christy Cat, our resident adult female, from beating the living tar out of them, but that is difficult. I'm hoping Beth, who is interested, might fall in love with the beautiful little silver female of the group ~ she is just a doll and so cuddly and soft, with a lovely silver belly and a huge purr.

This is not a great photo of was difficult to get one because she was either in my lap, on my shoulders or winding around my legs ;) I only got this one (and she looks a little tense here) because Christy was at the end of the ramp glaring at her, so she didn't dare move.

They all appear healthy, except for ear mites which we have treated them for. And they are just adorable...I am spending a lot of time "kitten cuddling" ;)

That's our Sunday at Serenity Farms!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Serene Sunday, a different view

I snapped a few other pictures on Sunday while I was over at the other place, from the east side of our woods. How about a trip with me down the lane to the Burnham Farm woods?

The colors here are brilliant and the sky was so blue as you can see in this next photo!

Here is some fall color of a different sort ~ many of my annuals are going crazy with the fall rains and warm weather we have been having. The intense blue of the salvia is amazing!

The picture is a bit fuzzy, but you get the idea.

Finally, I got to end my Sunday building our headless scarecrow with a special helper!

We're thinking he needs a bandana neckerchief and a pumpkin head....what do you think?

Serene Sunday October 12....

Oops, its actually Monday that I am posting this and I hope no one will mind.

The color in our woods, at least here on the west side (where I usually take my photos) is waning a bit. Yesterday morning (Sunday) was still a pretty sunrise with the mists spreading over the fields and the sun hitting the tops of the trees. In the picture above, I don't know if you can even tell that there are horses and sheep far back in the field! The picture below is taken just across the ditch and is actually our neighbors woods, behind our pastures and plowed ground. He has more maple trees in his woods!

People comment all the time on this beautiful view we have and I have to explain that this image that I take so often is the one I see from my back porch and on my way to the barn. When I find a few stolen moments to sit out here and spin or knit, this is what I can look at. It is the view that prompted the name, "Serenity Farms"

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Presents and Pheasants

Catchy with the title, aren't I? LOL....

First of all, I have to show off my October Fiber For Ewe goodies, shown here on the right...

So much good stuff and in lovely fall colors. You wouldn't believe how dense and plush the orangey yarn is! There was nothing in the package to tell me what it is, so I have written to ask my pal. I also wonder if she spun it herself. Whatever the case may be, its wonderful and I am thinking of either making mittens or else the Foliage hat from Knitty Fall 2007.

There is an apron there, also. I'm not sure how my Pal is doing this, but she hit on another thing that speaks to me. I don't remember my mom wearing an apron when she cooked, but I do remember her with a towel either wrapped or tucked around her waist. So I am really tickled by this little gift. There is lotion and candy and a little note pad as well as the apron and yarn and spinning fiber. What a sweet Pal I have!

Now to the Pheasant part of this post. Sitting at the computer checking emails the other morning, I caught a movement out of the corner of my eye. It was barely daylight, but this is what I saw through my window:

I call this photo "Pheasant Through Glass" - LOL!

There were three roosters and one hen. We used to have a lot of Ring-Neck Pheasants here in Michigan, but not so much anymore. Here is another picture of them scurring away - they must have seen me moving around. This photo is kind of dark, but I think you can make them out.

Anyway, that was another real treat for me, to see those pheasants. They used to be so plentiful. I remember my dad and granddad hunting them, usually after the corn came off the fields in fall. Later on I had a boyfriend who hunted for them, and I trudged along (usually in some snow) Now, I am just happy to see them, reminders from my past (the pheasants, not the boyfriend!)

Sunday, October 05, 2008

Serene Sunday October 5...

There is something dazzling in our landscape photo this week ~ something that outshines the loveliness of the changing of the leaves and the green of the grass. Don't believe me? Well, take a look then:

Isn't she pretty? And do you know what is even bigger than her beauty? It is her personality! She is smart and kind and sweet and considerate. This is Bill's granddaughter Amanda. And though I did not contribute one bit to her genetic makeup (grin) I still love her very much and am so proud to be a part of her family. And Grandpa Bill? Well, what do you think? Here is a picture of them together and you can see the beam on his face is not just from the sun shining in his eyes!

This girl knows how to handle a sheep in the show ring, too! Another great accomplishment (grin)

She sure is special, and we are blessed. Hmmm, now I need to get some pictures of her little brother and her Colorado cousins here for equal billing, LOL!

(Note - the Homecoming dress pictures were actually taken on Saturday, not Sunday)

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Trying hard....

Not to start another new project! LOL....

Here is my September gift from my unknown spoiler in the Falling For Ewe Yarn Swap:

The lace scarf pattern is one I had on my "wish list" - from the Knitspot, called Rivolo (my first official Knitspot pattern - I have since added two others, LOL!) and the colors in the Peace Fleece Merino yarn are beautiful and a perfect compliment to one of my wool blazers, so it would be perfect to have to wear as we move into cooler weather here in Michigan. But - groan - I have so many other patterns on the needles. Sigh....I just don't know what to do ;D