Monday, October 13, 2008

Serene Sunday October 12....

Oops, its actually Monday that I am posting this and I hope no one will mind.

The color in our woods, at least here on the west side (where I usually take my photos) is waning a bit. Yesterday morning (Sunday) was still a pretty sunrise with the mists spreading over the fields and the sun hitting the tops of the trees. In the picture above, I don't know if you can even tell that there are horses and sheep far back in the field! The picture below is taken just across the ditch and is actually our neighbors woods, behind our pastures and plowed ground. He has more maple trees in his woods!

People comment all the time on this beautiful view we have and I have to explain that this image that I take so often is the one I see from my back porch and on my way to the barn. When I find a few stolen moments to sit out here and spin or knit, this is what I can look at. It is the view that prompted the name, "Serenity Farms"

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Joanne said...

The view is truly wonderful! Thanks for posting the pics with the fall colors!