Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Day All Around

Today is my dearest daughter's birthday (for those of you who have been reading my blog for awhile, you might remember that last year we celebrated her 30th birhtday - LOL!) How do you think we celebrated, after coffee and birthday cake and presents??? By wrangling my long time favorite sheep helper (that would be said daughter) into helping me pen up ewes, change a few coats and then....big drumroll here....PUT THE RAMS AND EWES TOGETHER! Woo-hoo, breeding season has begun around the old Serenity Farms sheep barn ;D

All went smoothly, and I have seen five breedings so far today...hehe

Something I thought of today, from the day my daughter was born. She was born at 7:27 am. I was a youngster myself. I delivered her completely natural - no drugs! I had gained 60 pounds (though she was only a 7 pound, 11 ounce baby). I was tired. I was excited to be able to sleep on my stomach for the first time in a long time - LOL! I remember that I was sleeping soundly when a nurse came into the room wheeling my daughter, woke me up and told me she was going to teach me to bathe an infant. Hehehe...I can only remember indignantly telling her that I was the oldest of five children and knew very well how to bathe a baby!!! I also remember my mom bringing me the best treat in the whole wide world later that morning....I had been on a restricted diet (no salt/sodium) What did my wonderful mom bring to me???? A bologna sandwich, on white bread, with lettuce, swiss cheese and miracle whip salad dressing with a side of potato chips!!! Let me tell, my mouth still waters thinking of that delicious treat after weeks of denial ;D And though now my tastes lean towards a more healthy turkey, mustard, red onion, spinach on whole grain (and skip the chips), I am still known to gobble up the good ol' bologna on white bread! Good memories....

Tonight, though, my heart and thoughts are with a very dear, long distance, fiber friend Kimberly and her family. They are celebrating today, too. Husband and special dad, Jim, is home. Home two days early. Home safely. Home from war.

I can't even begin here to tell you of what very special, extra-ordinary people these two parents are. But if you would like to visit Kim's blog for proof of Jim's homecoming and maybe even to wish them well, you can go to Woven~N~Spun and say hi.

I just keep getting teary eyed tonight over it all. We have spent many prayer filled days and nights with Kimberly these past few months and now, to think of them together tonight under the same roof...whew, it just overwhelms me - I can't imagine what it is like for them. And it renews my prayers for so many others still overseas...

Big hugs, Kim and Jim!


Lona said...

Happy b-day to your dd! We put the rams in with the polypays yesterday. Tis the season...

BTW, the link doesn't work to your friend's blog. I'd like to leave blessings, but can't get there.

Hooray for safe homecomings!

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Hi Lona ;) I think I fixed the link to Kim's website (you will love it, she is a weaver, too!)

I also added some other memories of my daughters birth to the post, some other things I was thinking about today ;D