Monday, November 03, 2008

A Fun Fall Mystery

I was so excited to stumble across this mystery knit, just as it was getting ready to start ~ The Yarnarian Mystery Sock KAL!

First of all, it was fun to find the mystery. Second of all, it was even more fun to find Ruth's blog and I have been having a blast reading it ;) Thirdly, and on a more dangerous note, there is Ruth's yarns and patterns...oh my!!! I say dangerous because how do you expect a sock and yarn addict to resist??? I am making a Christmas and birthday wish list for my family - LOL (she does have an Etsy shop)!

Anyway, be sure to go and check out Ruth's (The Yarnarian) blog for all of these things - mystery, socks, yarn and good reading. And its not to late to join in the sock knitting mystery fun! Here is my progress, both cuffs done, and ready to start the Second Clue, which is posted today:

I am using a pretty dark green sock yarn from my stash, and I seem to have lost the label, but it might be Froehlich Wolle (which I love) and would have been purchased from Sweetwood Farms (sadly now closed) Needles are size 1, dpn's, and I am knitting two socks at a time on two different sets (don't like magic loop or two circs all that much)

And be sure to read Ruth's post on Fudging your knitting...oh my goodness, I could have written that post ;D


Ruth said...

You are too nice.

Nancy said...

Now you've done it :) I'm going to need to start another pair of socks right away :) Thanks for sharing such a great blog!

Letters From Midlife said...

It was a joy to find your blog from The Simple Woman blog. I've enjoyed reading some of your posts.

Val said...

You have such talented for putting together lovely photos (colors, light, interesting objects) Every photo tells a story of love and gratitude!