Friday, November 28, 2008

Hints of Knits

Hello again ~ two posts in one day, how about that? LOL...and both about knitting!

After the snow flurries and grey skies of this morning, late this afternoon the sun broke through for some November brilliance before it got ready to sink to the west. Sitting in my front room, knitting by the (unlit) fireplace the sunlight streams in...and I couldn't resist some knitting project "teasers" or hints ((grin))

These are two of the gift projects I mentioned in my earlier post that I have been working on, posing by the stone fireplace. I hope the photos won't totally give them away to the recipients who might be reading my blog, but I had fun taking them and wanted to share

First, here and at the opening of this post, something Bittersweet ~

The glow of the yarns warm me just looking at them!

And this little bit...does it look warm and wooly enough to keep you warm?

Okay, that is all the knitting hints for today ~ I really must get back to work, so that there will one day be finished items to show! By the way, the birdhouse that is posing with Bittersweet was made some years ago by my very talented Mom...


Joanne said...

What beautiful mittens! Good job!

I have awarded you a Marie Antoinette award and you can find out about it on my blog.

Janet said...

I always feel peaceful as I read your blog, Cary. I ordered the Fiddlehead Mitten pattern because yours are so pretty! I so miss you and all the others at CA. I would love to rejoin but I am so undisciplined about the computer, I fear I will spend too much time on it. May God richly bless you and Bill and your family. Love, Janet