Friday, February 27, 2009

LIMITED EDITION Silver Shadows Roving

A few weeks ago I was cleaning up my fiber room (ummmm, maybe I should call it the "fiber house" - there is fiber and yarn in nearly every room, LOL!) Anyway, as I gathered some things together I found a fair amount of grey Alpaca and both white and silver French angora bunny. I knew I had a bit of silver Corriedale already washed that I had kept from our ewe, Mary. Throw in some dehaired Pygora and I had enough to take with me to Zeilingers for processing into roving!

Because the fibers were already washed, turn around time was short and I got the call last Friday that it was ready for pickup. It is lovely, but I don't need it all so am offering one pound of it FOR SALE here. For some reason I can't get a page loaded on my website, and that is why you find this roving listed here at the blog.

SILVER SHADOWS ~ Silver Corriedale, grey Alpaca, Pygora and Angora! Spinning this is a real joy, watching the light reflect back the subtle shading of the fiber as it moves through your hands like a shadowy mist. This is a very textural roving*, easy to spin lofty and bulky or fine and ethereal (see photo below) ~ many options for this beauty, but only a small amount (one pound) available. $2 per ounce (minimum purchase of 2 ounces, please) or $28 for the entire pound plus shipping. I imagine this would overdye beautifully!

* The alpaca used in this blend was a grey fiber boy with some guard hair and the French Angora (both grey and white) were older guys with considerable guard hairs, so while a soft and lovely end product please be aware that there are guard hairs present in this roving

UPDATE 2/27/09 ~ The roving is SOLD, thank you to all who inquired!

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

New Favorite Things

I participated in a SWAP over at Ravelry, the Favorite Things Swap 2. Yesterday, the mail lady brought a box to the door for a signature and look what I had from British Columbia, Canada!

For one thing - COFFEE! I could smell coffee as soon as I opened the box! The aroma of a delicious blend just filled my kitchen and I couldn't wait to check it out ;D

Sooo many goodies ~ Gail, who was my secret pal, might just have well have been looking over my shoulder as she shopped for these things! There is a cheerful dishcloth, ADORABLE stitch markers, wonderful Opal sock yarn (I love Opal yet seldom treat myself to any, so this is special!), yummy bath goodies, chocolate, more chocolate and then that amazing coffee! Each item was individually wrapped with a cute little note attached to it.

Gail writes: "The Esquires Coffee House company was founded right here in Surrey. Our knitting group used to meet at one of their locations, but alas, we grew too big in numbers for their not-so-big shop! After some sleuthing, and discovering that you enjoy French Press coffee. I asked them to grind to suit...Purdy’s (the chocolate) is also a proud, long standing tradition, founded in our neighbouring city of Vancouver"

As soon as I snapped these photos, I brewed myself a cup of the coffee and sat down with both it and some chocolate. Gail doesn't have a blog for you to visit, but I know you will agree with me that she is one fantastic secret swap Pal!!! Thank you Gail ;D

SUPER Super Bowl!!!


Excuse me for shouting, but that was one terrific football game! No matter which team you were pulling for, and even if you don't like football - it was a nail biter to the end! And a delightful way for me to end my special 50th Birthday WEEK celebration ;D

We had plenty of munchies plus party hats and balloons. The only mark against the day was that my poor little grandson was sick ;( He was brave, but celebrating was not in the cards for him that day.

Daughter and grandsons watching the game from Grandma's room. Steelers clothing compliments of Aunt Mo!

His little brother, however, took full advantage of the festivities and even helped himself to some of grandma's birthday cake while I was distracted. When I walked into the kitchen and found his hands (and the table, chair and floor) covered with frosting, I asked him what happened. He is two. He said "I don't know"

LOL..fingerprints in the chocolate!