Saturday, March 07, 2009

French Press

I'm not sure why, but all day today (well, actually yesterday - Friday - as it is now early on Saturday morning) I was so tired, I felt like I was just dragging...I was busy and got no time for one of my five minute cat-naps, so after a lazy woman's supper of pizza I settled down to watch The News Hour with Bill and promptly fell asleep! Lucky for me, I was already in my pj's, but that is super early for me to be asleep! And of course, what happens then? I am wide awake, tossing and turning, shortly after midnight ;( I finally decide to give it up, get out of bed and try to be productive. There were a few dishes in the sink and I washed those up then decided to browse Ravelry looking at patterns ((grin)) - a very dangerous thing to do for someone with so many WIP's and not at all in the productive category! But it was fun (though I am sure my tired eyes won't appreciate it tomorrow)

I could feel a chill creeping into the house, so got up and wrapped myself in my New York shawl and then started to get a hankering for coffee. A good, steamy hot cup. Not wanting to make a full pot at this wee hour of the morning, I turned to my beloved French Press! I already had just enough beans ground to make a few cups full and oh my, it was so good! So good that I had to make a second ;) And now I am ready for bed ((grin))...funny how that cup of caffeine relaxes me enough so that I can fall asleep....

y..a..w..n ~ I hope I will be awake enough for fiber group today!


Deborah said...

I'd love to know how the French press works. I sure love coffee and have fallen asleep after drinking it myself.

Anonymous said...

Hi friend,
Have finally had time to catch up reading your blog.
As always, I've enjoyed every word.
Loved the photo of those grand babies. Where has the time gone!
Miss you and Bill, too.
Sending my love,

KnitNana said...

I cannot relate. How on earth do you fall asleep after caffeine? If I drink it after mid-day? I'm up all night...
Hmmm...better finish the cup I have now as it's 11:30 a.m. and I lost an hour's sleep last night!
(going to Ravelry now to look for your New York Shawl!)

lynn in NJ said...

Howdy girl,

I am with Deborah I would like to know how a French Press works too. We need a phone call sometime soon. I miss ya.