Friday, November 13, 2009

Black Corriedale Lamb Fleece and More

For whatever reason my webhost won't let me load any updated pages today. Why does that always seem to happen on a day I have things for sale? Hmmm...anyway, that is why I am posting these few things to trusty Blogger ;)

Eli - Black Corriedale lamb fleece (photos below) ~

Fine crimp, good staple length (about 4 inches) and best of all, natural black! We purchased this lamb at six months of age and he had not been coated up to that point, so there is vm in this fleece. For that reason it is priced at $8 per pound (lamb fleeces usually sell for $15 per pound). About 2.5 pounds available and I will include 4 ounces of bay black alpaca with your purchase
~ S O L D ~

Also for sale is the book pictured above "The Natural Knitter...How to Choose, Use and Knit Natural Fibers" by Barbara Albright. Includes patterns and dyeing information - a beautiful book! Priced new at $32.50 - I've barely opened it so it is in very good condition ~ S O L D ~

Finally, I still have a beautiful moorit Icelandic fleece for sale from my friend Cherie's farm... Very clean and a rich color - a bit darker than the photo shows. The thel on this fleece is super, super soft and it is one that is easy to seperate from the tog if that is what you like to do, but equally beautiful processed together. This is a ram fleece, but he was shorn well ahead of breeding season so not much of that "rammy" smell! About 2.5 pounds for $25 plus shipping

We accept Paypal, check or money order. If you have any questions or to check availability, please email me at These items would normally be listed at our website, Serenity Farms. Thank you for checking them here at the blog ;)

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Deborah said...

You always have such beautiful fleeces and I think I love the black ones the best! I've missed you my friend.