Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Back Porch Post

I'm blogging from my back porch this morning! 

As I write I can see the sheep in the pasture - they're pretty quiet this morning.  Our calico barn cat, Christy, is sleeping by my feet.  There is a pair of "twitter-pated" Mourning Doves in the magnolia tree, courting.  Quite different from that loving scene, on the roof of the barn an ugly starling and a fierce sparrow are fighting about something. 

Looking towards the woods there are streaks of blue sky in the north, but off to the west the sky is dark and heavy.  Storms are predicted for today, including hail.  I had planned to move the net fence in the pasture for the ewes and hoped to get some fleeces skirted later but I guess that might wait.

Oops, I feel rain drops and its time for Bill's shower anyway!!!  Better go....have a wonderful, blessed day where you are.

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Michelle said...

What a wonderful morning to wake up too. It's still a little chilly here to go outside in the morning, but I have plans to start doing my morning devotions out there once it warms up. PS: I love the "twitterpated" comment.