Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Paint and Possibilities

Its not hard to imagine endless possibilities when you are around creative, enthusiastic and energetic people!  Angela at Maple Valley Farms is just that kind of person, and whether you've visited with her in person, follow her on Facebook or read her blogs you certainly know what I mean.  Recently she went through a big spurt of painting and decorating posts that were absolutely inspiring (maybe springtime has something to do with this, too?)  Now the Maple Valley Farm family is offering some amazing Homesteading Courses to help the rest of us along that inspirational, creative road!  Be sure to check them out here

I'm honored and excited to be leading a session in Beginning To Knit (for beginners and those who might want to refresh some skills) and I hope you'll think about joining us for that - I promise you will enjoy yourself, learn something and come away with some pretty awesome knitting goodies fresh from our own farm!  I'll also be a student in several of the other classes offered.

Encouraged by possibilities, I look with a new eye on the pieces around our farm that could make their way inside the farm house.  Two that have been "teasing" me are these pieces (above and right) from the tool room in the barn...what do you think, Ang?  I don't even think these need change in paint - I love the colors on both.  The soft grey to the right  has held some of my garden tools.  The turquoise/red/white above is a really cool corner cupboard!  It currently holds nuts and bolts, nails, chains and chainsaw parts.  Certainly could be repurposed inside the farm house, don't you agree?  The Art At The Farm Homestead course would help with this project, wouldn't it?


Renee said...

I know what you mean Cary! Everytime I go to Ang's blog my wheels start spinning:) I am scouring for things that can be re-purposed and used. Trying to teach my girls how to do that too before they have a house of their own. It looks like you have some treasures at your house!

Michelle said...

Oh I wish I lived closer to take your knitting class. I have tried to knit, just can't get past the basics.

Joanne said...

Cary, definitely take those items in the house!! They will liven up your day each time you look at them. Sooo, pretty!!