Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Projects and Plans Around The Farm

You know, most of the time I'm so caught up in the beauty and blessings of our farm life (like the glory of green grass and the morning sky at left) that I don't notice the unkept or declining parts (hmmmm, that sounds like what can happen in our spiritual life, too, doesn't it?)  I say most of the time, but I also know that every time I come down the road to the farm the first thing I see is this:

In fact this ugly old shed is what anyone coming to the farm from the main road sees!  Our last post was "Paint and Possibilities" and now I bring you "Projects and Plans".  I actually "planned" to write this post last fall, thinking about lots of different things that needed to be done around the farm.  We slowly get a few crossed off the list, but the daily chores of necessity get in the way of these other projects that would be nice to have done - but aren't really required for the farm to continue.  And truth be told, even though it's practically falling down/rotting away this little building still serves as a run-in shed for the rams when they aren't living life with the ewes.

Here's the crumbling southside, and this is what you see up close and personal when you're pulling into our driveway.  It's literally feet from both the drive and the road.  Ugh, a poor first impression (but see the beautiful main barn in the background?)

The building is 12' wide and 32' long. It stands 8.5' tall on the high side, sloping down to 8' on the low side, with doors on two ends of the east side, pictured above (notice the hitching rail?)  This is the view I see out my kitchen window.  It has the two small windows in between the doors and they are mirrored by windows on the opposite side, though one of them is boarded over.  It's completely open on the north side as you can see in the picture below (not the best plan for a livestock shelter). It sits on a cement pad and it has electric running to it, but not water so any water for livestock up here has to be carried or run from the hydrant in the barn.

When you walk in the little door on the southeast corner, you see ~

Some beautifully weathered boards that I'd like to salvedge.  In fact, even though it can't be repaired to stand as it is, I think there are lots of great elements that might be reused/rebuilt (maybe into a smaller building on the same site?)  When you turn to your right and look out towards that north side you will see some not so salvedgeable parts ~

Years of housing first Morgan horse stallions, then Percheron draft horse weanlings and yearlings and now Corriedale rams have taken their toll on the interior wall and stall door (yes, that's a pallet helping to brace the door, lol!)

Last fall I was given the bones of a greenhouse that I'd love to incorporate into this area if we could change things up.  I dream of it being a small farm store/office/classroom building, with that greenhouse attached and handicap accessible for both Bill and visitors to our farm.  What do you think?

A farm wife can dream and plan, can't she?  (Oh, and any helpful hints and tips for carefully taking down an old building while trying to preserve all useable pieces would be greatly appreciated!)

In the meantime, I'll continue to let that beauty around the farm I mentioned before inspire me - like the magnolia tree in a late March sunset, blooming a full two months earlier than usual!  Lovely ~

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Jody said...

Your magnolia tree is magnificent and I bet it smells just heavenly.
What a beautiful spot you have Cary :-)