Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flowers And Finds

I love this time of year, when I can fill the house with flowers of all kinds from God's garden!  Armloads of lilacs, branches of fragrant apple blossoms and pinkish peach blooms.  Tiny little bouquets of glorious lily-of-the-valley with pretty purple sweet violets from the yard.  I try to tuck these precious gifts into every room of the house - bedrooms and bathrooms, too!

Another great thing about this time of year?  That flea markets and farm shops are open again!  In the picture to the right are my newest and possibly favorite "finds" of all times ~ perfectly perfect vintage pillows (a pair of them!) and incredibly, a dressmakers form, just as "chic" as she can be!  I've been looking for one forever and where do you suppose I finally found her?  Here, at SHOP The Maple Cottage!!!  I really couldn't believe my luck that my friend Angela had this perfect item sitting on the porch of the "shop" when I visited last week.  And the pillows?  An absolute bonus!  If you are in Michigan anywhere near the farm, you really should make it a destination stop.

Notice the lovely "skirt" that my new find is wearing?  And the lovely brooch, holding it in place?  Do you recognize it from my last post?  Yes, that is the shawlette and pin my friend Susan sent to me!  A perfect cover-up for a skinny mannequin, LOL!  Or my chubby shoulders ;)

More flowers on the fireplace

I hope that wherever you are, you have some flowers nearby that you can enjoy.  It won't be long before the heat and humidity of summer has us drooping, but for now the fresh fragrance of spring here in Michigan is a joy and a blessing.



A Baker's Dozen Barnhouse News said...

I love your flowers, finds, pictures, and decorating style. BEAUTIFUL!

We also love flea markets and such. Each of my children always want to look around at one on their birthday and before or after we have lunch together. We also visit a thrift store or two.:)

Have a very blessed spring...


Joanne said...

What great finds, Cary! I love your beautiful blossoms. Lilacs don't grow here, and I sure do remember their beautiful scent. I truly miss them.