Friday, December 25, 2015

Advent-A-Long ~ Finale

And we come to the end of the Advent mitten knitting ~ well, save for the thumb on the second mitten!  Somehow, I managed to mix up the stripes towards the end (now how did I do that?!?) but its okay.  And they fit me, so I'm going to get to keep them for myself.

I adored doing this project, it made me happy the entire way and I'll have such special memories of each time I wear them.  I'm still working on one small gift knitting project that needs to be finished before Sunday, as well as a larger crochet project that's also a gift but in the meantime I want to pick up and finish the Outlander themed sock I began one year ago (can you believe it, it's taken me an entire year and I'm still only half way finished!)  Its a great pattern but a bit fiddly and in black yarn so it's not a carry along project.  Do you remember them, my Black Selkie socks? I know I'll love them when they're finished and I certainly don't want to wait till next Christmas to wear them.

  Merry Christmas to all and any who might be reading this ~ are you already dreaming of what to be knitting, spinning or crochet-ing in 2016? I'd love to hear!  In the coming days, we'll be separating the rams and ewes, the rams will go back to their bachelor quarters and after a few days of tussle they won't mind a bit.  We'll put coats back on them, do our best to keep hay and chaff out of the growing fleeces.  It's been a mild winter here but the fleeces seem very plush to me.

God's love and blessings to you, and if I haven't said it often enough I really appreciate each of you who takes time to read and especially to leave a note! Seems like so many are leaving blogs behind but its still my favorite way to connect.

P.S. To my friend Kate who reads the blog, if you see this post, would you email me Kate?  I've been wanting to ask you about something and know I don't have your email (or its probably changed, lol)  You can reach me at serenityfarmswool @ yahoo dot com Hope to hear from you!


Susan Moore said...

The mittens are lovely. They will remind you of each project don't with the various colors. Keep your heart and hands warm at the same time.
I know my blog is lonely, I've just not had the umph since the accident.
We had a nice Christmas day with family.
Take care,

Lona said...

Merry Christmas, Cary!

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Merry Christmas Susan and Lona!

lynn in NJ said...

Hi Cary,

I have an infinity scarf and socks on needles now. I have a sample of a merino on the wheel in blues. I still love to read what you post!

Joanne said...

Hi Cary! I still love blogs. I am trying to post to mine more often. I have knitted slippers for Christmas, Salomas Slippers and the New Cottage Socks slipper socks. The pics are on my blog. I also did hats and fingerless gloves too. For the new year, I have a poncho on the needles. The poncho is actually called The Heartwood Cape. I am hoping to find projects to use up stash yarn this year.

Cary at Serenity Farms said...

Oh, Joanne, I'll have to check that out on your blog! Lynn, I think I'm going to do some spinning today ;)

The Sampler Girl said...

Hi Cary - I am Nancy Daniels' friend and she podcasted with my mom and I today showcasing your GORGEOUS shawl and fingerless mitts that you made for her in a recent Outlander exchange. I LOVE OUTLANDER!!!!!!!! We are obsessed with it. lol The items you sent Nancy are beautiful.

This is a link to the episode if you wish to tune in:

Have a lovely new year.