Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Summer Sock Party 06

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I'm so excited! I joined the Summer Sock Party 06 swap just in the nick of time (before it closed) and today - the first day of summer - we received the name of our Swap Pal ;)

It is our choice whether or not to keep our identity a secret from our Pal ;) I am still trying to decide....I have visited my Swap Pal's blog and read her archives, where I found lots of great hints about the kind of socks she likes - that was helpful! She sounds like a fun person who I would love to sit and knit with!

That got me to thinking that you may not be able to gather much about what I like on my feet from this blog - LOL - so if my Swap Pal is reading, I just want to say that I am NOT fussy ;) My feet aren't particularly narrow or wide, short of fat - they are average (and you already have the size). I love all colors. I prefer wool, I LOVE wool, but I am open to wearing new fibers, too. Doesn't have to be machine washable, I have no problem with hand washing my socks.

So there, be happy and have fun, person who has my name for the swap ;)

I already have the yarn picked out to knit my sock from...hmmm, wonder if I should tell what it is???

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deb from NC said...

Hi Cary
This is Deb from NC...Your pictures touched me.I want you to know I have had you in my thoughts and prayers.

Your Q. concerning the email address...I don't believe there is a way to hide it except to send from someone elses computer using their email.The properties section of a email will always show the email origin...thats what they refer to as the header info.

It's a preventive kind of measure though most wrong doers have that figured out.

Praying for you, Bill and Alex.

Wanted to do the sock exchange but was afraid something would happen and I wouldn't be able to fulfill my commitment. But the next one I will.
Take care
Deb NC