Friday, October 27, 2006

Color My Grey's Anatomy World

Well now, how crummy is that? I settled down with knitting and lavender tea last night, turned on the television and was treated to....a REPEAT of Grey's Anatomy!!!!

A repeat already?!? Come on! Of course, I did watch the repeat....and I did still laugh, cry and get all giddy inside at both episodes. Okay - my secret is out....that I (along with millions of others around the world) am a Grey's Anatomy fan (smiles sheepishly)

So here is my post, both in honor and protest of Grey's this week ~ color and grey, mixed up in my world.

Some of the more colorful aspects of my weekend, yarn dyed by me (wool/mohair on the left, 100% silk on the right):

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An absolutely perfect Saturday last! My day began at 4 am, because I had to be awake in time to prepare a sack lunch and be on the road by 5:30, heading for East Lansing. Had to be at THE horse show (Michigan Great Lakes International) at the MSU Pavilion by 7 to catch the first few classes and visit with friends (and my dad!)

Did that and then headed across town to a splendid, creative Dyeing Workshop with Nancy McRay, owner of Woven Art. I joined Nancy (instructor), Kathy and Jill (students like me) and we just had a relaxing yet rejuvinating day putting color to yarn. I followed this with a visit to Nancy's shop to both see the fantastic lace on disply (through the end of this month by the way)and shop - I bought some yummy little cashmere/silk/mohair yarn! I will most definately be back to shop some more...there is just a wonderful feeling when you walk through the door of Woven Art - both energy and serenity. (Forgetful Cary left her camera at home, so no pictures of other dye creations or the front of the shop!) We are blessed by serveral yarn shops in the mid-Michigan area (please don't make the mistake of thinking there is only one!) ~ TREAT yourself to a trip to Woven Art!

Next, another cup of Beaners coffee and I was back on the road to visit my sister and brother in law, see their newly remodeled kitchen and the greenhouse work-in-progress (both are fantastic by the way!). Then off to an authentic Mexican restaurant (oooh, yummy-yummy) and then Kim (sister) and I decided to hit the thrift stores. We had soooo much fun there! Time just flew by, darkness fell and we had to have another Beaners latte on the way back to Kim's house. Then I left to drive home in the rain, but just felt so was truly an amazingly terrific day! (Though sadly, I ran out of daylight time before I had the chance to make it to another Lansing area yarn shop, Rae's Yarn Boutique. Rae is the colorful and creative designer of the current sock pattern for the Six-Socks-KAL group. I think that just means I am going to have to make ANOTHER special trip back to Lansing to visit yarn shops, right?)

Oh, and here are my thrift store purchases (sweaters from Ralph Lauren, JCrew, LL Bean and more....all in shades of Grey! How funny is that?)

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My final somewhat colorful photo this post is of the first half of my pair of Jaywalkers in STR Fire On The Mountain yarn, complete with lime green toes (you might recall that I didn't pay attention to the yardage required for these socks and am, just about positive, that I don't have enough to complete both socks with just the STR) The lime green Regia came to the rescue, and I LOVE it! Wish I would have done the heels in the same shade, but not enough to rip back and do so - LOL!

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What is coloring your world today?


Prayerful Knitter - Shelly said...

Cary, thanks so much for sharing your wonderful day with us. I got to enjoy it vicariously through you!

Yes, definitely another trip to Lansing is in order to hit *all* the yarn shops.

Love the sock!

Have a great weekend!


Carissa said...

What lovely socks! I loke your yarn to. It sounds like you had a wonderful day! I love your dyeing. Hopefully I can get to do some after our move!

Pamela said...

I knew I should have sent you a grey sock!

Denise said...

What a fabulous sock!! And fabulous dyeing!! And a fabulous day!!

I have never heard of Beaners, but it sounds like my kind of place. I haven't had such a good thrift day in a long while. You made out like a bandit!!

also a little miffed about the whole Grey's repeated episodes, and who also watched, cried, and laughed, again ....

Theresa said...

Ooh I loved the blue/green yarn you dyed! It's so pretty, I can't wait to see what you do with it. Wow, you got some really nice sweaters too. When I go to the thrift store all I find is junk, but my best friend finds wonderful things like that. I love the Jaywalker but it is too small for me and I haven't figured out how to upsize it. I have to colorways of STR too and wish they had more yardage because with my big feet there is not enough so now I have to find matching yarn for toes and heels.