Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Here's Looking At You....


Yes, I know, an often repeated quote from the legendary movie Casablanca. But I couldn't resist ((grin)) It is from one of my favorite scenes of the movie, the ending. I love it and tear up no matter how many millions of times I have seen it (okay, maybe not a million, but lots and lots)

I am participating in the Casablanca KAL, the brainchild of Anne. I love it. It is a great, friendly and focused kal group with a fantastic, kind and creative leader. More Humphrey Bogart themed kal's are planned, if you missed this one ;)

My Casablanca is not lace weight. It is handspun, about a sport or light dk weight. When I did my swatch, I made two on two different size needles. I preferred the smaller needle on the swatch. Well, due to the variegation in weight of my handspun, this is turning out to be even denser that I had thought and I wish I had used the larger needle. Still, it will be warm and comforting on those nights when the sadness of Rick and Ilsa's story will cause me to reach for something that will wrap around my shoulders like a hug.

(I did not wet this at all, just placed it on the chair, so here you see it all curly and fuzzy and not looking lace-like at all! At this point it was just starting Clue 3)

My yarn is silvery grey, reminding me of the fog of the night in the final scene (or maybe the ominous grey of the plane...) My beads are mostly clear, silver lined that glisten like Ilsa's tears as says farewell for a second time to Rick. I made some slight changes to the pattern already, making it my own (grin) though not straying from Anne's themes - which are nothing short of brilliant, let me tell you!

On my De-stashing, De-Cluttering projects, I continue to work on my Wrap Me Up Shawl (though not as much since it has grown so large and the weather is so hot) I have faithfully been working on finishing two of the unfinished socks, but as often happens with second socks, they are taking FOREVER to finish!!!! My Hanami has been put aside until I can bring myself to make a decision about her.

As for the decluttering of the mind? Well, God continues to lead me peacefully. Circumstances around me are whirling fast and furious, and I know that without His presence in my life...honestly, I don't think I would always make it out of bed to face the day. But the more that I find time to spend quietly with Him and in His word, the more able I am to go out and embrace the day! I am truly so blessed.

I've got some pretty new flower pictures to show you, but I need to get out to water the sheep, so I will save those for next time! Oh, and here is the "kid" picture in this post....Mason with one of his harvest of radishes from the garden. He loves gardening!


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bockstark.knits said...

a handspun casablanca, how pretty!!!