Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Simple Devotion ~ November 19

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Here is my Simple Devotion for Wednesday, November 19, 2008!

For Today, Dear Lord, I bring you ~

My shortcomings ~ my heart, oh Lord, that you continue to work on stir me up and create more and more desire to not only serve you in every area of my life, but also to worship and praise You...which speaks directly to our next area ;D

My worship and praise ~ that You are not only my Saviour, but also my Father, my Brother, my Friend, my Director, my Guide and my Comforter

I bring you my prayer ~ for our new President, that is the prayer that is on my heart this morning. Keep him safe, Lord, physically and spiritually. Keep him humble and focused. Lead and guide him, Dear God. And most of all, Lord, work a healing in our nation.

You spoke to me ~ in my morning devotional Streams In The Desert: II Corinthians 1:8,9 "I was much so that I despaired even of life, but that was to make me rely not on myself, but on the God who raises the dead"

Pressed out of measure and pressed to all length;
Pressed so intensely it seems, beyond strength;
Pressed in the body and pressed in the soul,
Pressed in the mind till the dark surges roll.
Pressure by foes, and a pressure from friends.
Pressure on pressure, till life nearly ends.

Pressed into knowing no helper but God;
Pressed into loving the staff and the rod.
Pressed into liberty where nothing clings;
Pressed into faith for impossible things.
Pressed into living a life in the Lord,
Pressed into living a Christ-life outpoured.

The pressure of hard places makes us value life. Every time our life is given back to us from such a trial, it is like a new beginning, and we learn better how much it is worth, and make more of it for God and man. The pressure helps us to understand the trials of others, and fits us to help and sympathize with them....A. B. Simpson

Let me rely more and more every day, in every thing, on you, God


Shelly said...

Thank you so much!

Theresa said...

I started doing the Simple Woman's Daybook, but didn't know about the devotion. I enjoyed reading this.

Heather said...

I love that devotion, thanks.