Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Didn't Get All The Weeds

I did not have a very productive weekend.  After a crazy, hectic week I was looking forward to spending a few days around the farm not having anyone else's schedule to keep or look after - no place I had to be but home and no one to look after but Bill and me (well and the livestock).  Kids are all safely home from long-distance travels (thank you, God!); the weather was predicted to be cool but sunny and oh my, did I have plans for the work I was going to get done!  But that all quickly crumbled (as it often does in "my" life) and folks, I'm here to tell 'ya that I was soon reminded that the old sinful nature is still hanging around, no matter how long you've been a Christian - sometimes buried deep, but its there!

You know, sin isn't always the thing we know to be mindful of - I didn't steal or lie or murder or any of that.  But I was selfish, bitter, ungrateful and unkind.  To tell you the truth I had a major, 
feeling- sorry-for-myself meltdown!  UGH!!!  And then I cried and was miserable the rest of the day for how contrary I had been ;(  Oh sure, there were legitimate worldly reasons for my behavior - but our Lord expects better than that, it should be behind me by now, but I found out it isn't.  And I can say I'm sorry to those affected by my outbursts, but the sting of the words and actions are still there.

I snapped the photo above with an entirely different thought in my head...you see one of my smallest flower beds in the process of being weeded.  I'm behind in the work and the weeds are getting away from me.  You see the piles of weeds in the photo but you might also see that I'm only about a third of the way done...this picture came to mind while I was having some prayer and coffee time this morning.  What does it make you think of?  It reminds me that it takes daily, constant vigil and time with God to keep the weeds from taking over and choking the life out of us.  Sometimes you get large blocks of time when you can be down on your knees with hands, feet and all in the mud working to take care of things.  Sometimes you only have a passing moment when you see something ugly starting to sprout but you can still reach in and snip it off before it takes hold.  The only requirement is the willingness to do the spiritual work with your eyes and heart on God.

I've still got work to do....

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Flowers And Finds

I love this time of year, when I can fill the house with flowers of all kinds from God's garden!  Armloads of lilacs, branches of fragrant apple blossoms and pinkish peach blooms.  Tiny little bouquets of glorious lily-of-the-valley with pretty purple sweet violets from the yard.  I try to tuck these precious gifts into every room of the house - bedrooms and bathrooms, too!

Another great thing about this time of year?  That flea markets and farm shops are open again!  In the picture to the right are my newest and possibly favorite "finds" of all times ~ perfectly perfect vintage pillows (a pair of them!) and incredibly, a dressmakers form, just as "chic" as she can be!  I've been looking for one forever and where do you suppose I finally found her?  Here, at SHOP The Maple Cottage!!!  I really couldn't believe my luck that my friend Angela had this perfect item sitting on the porch of the "shop" when I visited last week.  And the pillows?  An absolute bonus!  If you are in Michigan anywhere near the farm, you really should make it a destination stop.

Notice the lovely "skirt" that my new find is wearing?  And the lovely brooch, holding it in place?  Do you recognize it from my last post?  Yes, that is the shawlette and pin my friend Susan sent to me!  A perfect cover-up for a skinny mannequin, LOL!  Or my chubby shoulders ;)

More flowers on the fireplace

I hope that wherever you are, you have some flowers nearby that you can enjoy.  It won't be long before the heat and humidity of summer has us drooping, but for now the fresh fragrance of spring here in Michigan is a joy and a blessing.


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Sisters of the Fleece

Fibery friends are some of the very best!

Over the years I've met some wonderful people through our sheep and wool, and many times they become treasured friends.  That is truly the case with my friend in New England who has been spinning and knitting with Serenity Farms Corriedale for over a year now.  Recently we joined forces to create a special roving from two of my Corriedale lamb fleeces and some of her local alpaca.  We're beginning a long-distance spin-a-long with a current goal of making socks.  How fun is that?

On Monday, a package arrived in my mail box and I was thrilled to open it and find this wonderful surprise - a little shoulder shawl spun and knit by my friend for me!!!  The yarn is made from Serenity Farms Elizabeth, a rich espresso brown ewe with very fine fleece.  And isn't the vintage pin perfect along with the shawlette?!? I absolutely adore receiving gifts made for me from my own wool, it's one of my favorite treats.

We've nicknamed our new roving "Sisters of the Fleece" and it is a true New England-Midwest creation.  While we can't actually visit in person as we sit and spin away, we are enjoying each others company in spirit... what a blessing!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Lots of Flowers

Mothers Day Flowers of all kinds!  On the right, lovely lilacs pure and simple, from my own Mothers garden.  Is there anything that can bring back a memory of mom or grandma like the scent of a lilac?  So sweet ~

Then below, a beautiful bouquet of many pretty flowers - roses, delphinium, sunflowers, Queen Anne's Lace, asters.  This arrived by delivery on Saturday from my darling step-daughters and their families and oh my, did I ever need that flowery "hug"!  It had been quite a morning I'll tell you.  So I feel pretty well loved and really enjoyed my weekend.  How about all of you?


Wednesday, May 08, 2013


 Well, its not exactly the first of May "May-Day" but this is a day in May ((grin)).  I see from the blog here that it's been a month since I posted last and Collette's little ewe lamb (at left) might be asking "where have you been?"  And the answer would be that in that month's time we've sheared all but six in the flock and finished lambing just two days ago!  Also in that time we said good-bye to a dear and treasured sheep, a friend from the beginning and a very sad day in this shepherd's life.

Sleep well, sweet Charlotte!  Just a few days after Charlotte's passing, her best buddy in the flock (and the other half of my original two sheep purchase from Mar-Rita Farms) Violet gave birth to a set of twins, a ewe and a ram (see their photo at the end of this post).  I was wishing the ewe would have been the white one but she is natural colored.  Still - in memory of Charlotte - the little ewe is named Katie-Charlotte.

I've taken a few more lamb pictures and I'll try to get a some posted over the next day or two.  I'm trying to skirt fleeces and share them, too.  In the meantime, enjoy this lovely spring in Michigan weather!  And give an extra hug or pat to those special animals in your life from me and Charlotte, will you?